Abbey Boutwell

a.k.a. Mermaid Vlogs


Instagram: @mermaidvlogs



My name is Abbey Boutwell and I am a Mermaid! (No, for real.) My brand is all about mermaids, magic and the ocean as it applies to everyday life. I incorporate mermaid-themed clothing, accessories, beauty products, home goods, and more to my videos and photos and am known as “The Everyday Mermaid.” When I’m not performing in my mermaid tail or doing photo shoots above or under the water (underwater modeling is my FAVORITE,) I’m hosting the Everyday Mermaid Podcast with my mer-gal pal, Lauren, which I also produce and edit. My brand is positive, mystical, and perfect for anyone who loves a bit of magic in their lives.


Instagram | 21.1k

Average reach | 11,383

Average impressions | 64,9296

Weekly visits | 5,602

Top audience age range | 18-34 YRS

Gender reach | 78% women, 22% men

Top city reach | Nashville, Brisbane, Las Vegas