Abigail Flowers

Ukulele. Jazz. Vocal Arrangements.

Website: www.abigailflowersmusic.com

Instagram: @abigailflowersmusic

Contact: linds@lucidlinds.com


Hello! My name is Abigail Flowers and I’m a Nashville-based jazz vocalist, Lanikai ukulele sponsored artist, and vocal arranger. My goal with social media is to share my creative journey and make music accessible to people of all skill levels and backgrounds. I love sharing ukulele cover videos, jazz vocal arrangements, and bits of my personal story with my audience.


Instagram | 3.8k

Average reach | 1,544

Average impressions | 2,237

Weekly visits | 745

Top audience age range | 18-34 YRS

Gender reach | 51% women, 49% men

Top city reach | Nashville, New York, Los Angeles