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Who I AM

Who I Am


Hey there! I'm Linds

The personal side of me in a nutshell... I love my husband, my small little fam, my pets, my plants, furniture, set design and getting my hands dirty. I'm a bit of a workaholic, but creating is what fuels me everyday and I'll break my back for a project I'm working on. I really love food, but sometimes I throw a piece of toast down the hatch, drink more coffee and keep going. I try to practice gratitude daily, and wish I would get on the yoga mat more often than I do. There are only a few things I really loathe; winter, people who tell me I can't, and when I forget to charge my power drill battery. I've lived in this old warehouse loft that I shoot out of for going on 13 years and I've painted and repainted every wall in this 1600 sqft space. I also nap 1-7 times a week (sometimes more in the winter) and I rarely sleep through an entire night. I may have been a house cat in a previous life. I believe the power of your thoughts are the strongest force behind creating the life you want to live. I hope to never stop learning and growing as a person. I think an open mind is the only kind of mind one should have. I've surprised myself the most in my 30's and I hope I continue to do that forever.