We Extend Your Reach

1. What does LLIMB stand for?

LLIMB stands for Lucid Linds Influencers that Markets for your Brand.

2. What do LLIMB’s do?

LLIMB's are a community of influencers who are passionate about their niche and the art of influence. They are good at what they do, they understand and value the impact they have as influencers. LLIMB's, through this program, become part of a team that does so much more than snap a few pictures and tag a brand. LLIMB's provide a unique approach to extend the reach of brands on social media. However, we also combine professional advertising photography with social media influence at a more attainable, less than a Kendall-Jenner-$250,000-per post kind of way...and everyone makes money. Our LLIMB's team saves businesses the time and trouble of finding the right influencers to work with because LLIMB’s have been photographed, vouched for and proven by Lucid Linds Photography to be the best choice in our area. Plus the brands get professional photography to help them look legit and consistent on their own social media, websites and everywhere else they advertise.

3. What do LLIMB’s get out of it?

Quite a bit actually. Lucid Linds works with her LLIMBS on more than just photo shoots for brands. LLIMBS also receive FREE photo shoots with high resolution edited images for their own use with their own styles in mind. Linds helps all of her LLIMBS with not just photos, but we talk business, branding, new opportunities, we hold workshops, special events, and connect you to tons of people. This program is also great for the emerging micro-influencer who wants to be taken more seriously and grow inside the influencer industry. Compensation *See 5 for more on this*

4. Does it cost money to be a LLIMB?

No, but you must fill out the contact form first. If you are considered for the program, you will receive an online application to make sure you meet all of the requirements. After that you will be asked to sign our model release contract, have a mini-photo shoot and brief interview with Lucid Linds to make sure you are the perfect fit.

5. Do LLIMB’s get paid?

This program started in late 2018, so we are getting it off the ground still. We are currently designing a few ways to get you paid. Compensation and incentive programs are in the works. Our LLIMB’s are considered sub-contractors so you can get paid real money for your collaborations with Lucid Linds Photography and the brands we work with.

6. Who are good candidates for becoming new a LLIMB?

Established influencers who love to be in front of the camera. We love variety. All sizes, skin tones, ethnicities, influencer niches, and ages will be considered when all the other requirements have been met. Our current team is made up of bloggers, business owners, podcasters, models, artists, musicians, stylists and fashionistas…and we are looking for an even more diverse group too.

7. Are travel or styling expenses covered by Lucid Linds Photography?

No, you will not be reimbursed for travel expenses and you will be required to style your own hair, makeup and clothing. However, there are exceptions if we are collaborating with a stylist, or brand or business is providing hair, makeup or wardrobe. We have worked with brands that have paid for us to travel too.

8. What things should be considered before applying?

To be consider for the program you must:

  • have at least 5,000 real Instagram followers

  • post on Instagram and use IG stories frequently

  • have good engagement rates

  • be a badass