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You will find blogs on my favorite projects, featured brands and brand models, what’s happening in the social media marketing world, girl bosses I look up to, info for the wanna-be social media influencer, my creative tribe and more.

Girl Boss Giveaway! - Lucid Linds Photography

“There are some people who still feel threatened by strong women. That’s their problem. It’s not mine.”
—Gloria Allred

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On-Brand All Year with Wine Society & Lucid Linds Photography

Here are just some images that I have designed, shot and edited for Wine Society over the past year. We touched on all seasons (we started in the spring), big holidays and focused on esthetically pleasing colors, scenes, props, and models.

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A Halloween Cocktail to Impress Your Friends With...

I was asked by Wine Society to create and provide some images for a Halloween themed cocktail featuring their delicious red wine blend, Tempt for a collaboration with Thirsty Mag.

Anyone who knows me knows this was so up my alley I was giddy about it. Halloween is my favorite and I had a reason to play with dry ice? Insert * heart eyes *

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5 Statistics About Instagram Important to Your Business

 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the platform [Instagram]

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How To Give Proper Photo Credit Told with Ryan Gosling GIFS

“So copyright infringement is a real thing, as in it's the law. Giving proper credit to your photographer and the brands you work with is actually a much bigger deal than some may realize or even consider. It's really really really important that you understand the proper way to give credit.”

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Revisiting My Bedroom Makeover Blog: Sleep and Set Design

As embarrassed as I am to share our really messy before shots of the bedroom, (I had one curtain torn down before I remembered, "I need a before shot!") clearly getting the full effect of this is truly lived in, not-so- HGTV bedroom, yes my piled up dirty laundry and unmade bed can be seen in these pictures as well.  Judge away, we are humans and instead of cleaning on this day, I gutted the whole bedroom.  Sometimes it takes something to be in total disarray before I make up my mind to do a full overhaul of a space and then in that moment my whole house will be destroyed, I become fully consumed by this new project and anyone is lucky to even get me on the phone let alone out of the house until it is complete.

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The Hair & Makeup Pro Behind Glam Co.

Elisa is an expert skincare esthetician, professional hair & makeup artist, cosmetic virtuoso, makeup tutorial YouTuber and owner of Nashville's, Glam Co. Elisa has become my go to hair & makeup artist that I recommend to any of my girls that are looking for hair and makeup styling before a shoot. 

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6-ish Tips On How I Built My First Pallet Wall Backdrop

“Not knowing how it would turn out I thought my best bet was to use something I could get for cheap, or free *cough cough*, and something I could recycle...even better. I hopped on Pinterest, looked at a few similar projects and decided to just go for it. I had two days off, it was 6am, I knew where I could grab some pallets outside of some warehouses in the nearby industrial parks, I have a truck and all the tools I needed, so off I went.”

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A Girl and Her Horse; The Special Bond with "The Perfect Horse"

One shoot I was dying to get under my belt was an equestrian shoot. I've never personally had horses myself, but my father and stepmother have for years. I know through my parents how special the bond is between a person and their horse. Susie, my stepmother, agreed to letting me photograph her and her horse, Jo. At first it took a little convincing to get Susie onboard with my suggestion that she be in the pictures too. I promised that they would have feeling in them and that she would love them. I think we hit the nail on the head. Susie and her horse Jo have a very special story, I recently asked Susie to give me a little background on her and Jo and how they came to be...

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