A Girl and Her Horse: This Special Bond

Meet Susie and Jo

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One shoot I was dying to get under my belt was an equestrian shoot. I've never personally had horses myself, but my father and stepmother have for years. I know through my parents how special the bond is between a person and their horse. Susie, my stepmother, agreed to letting me photograph her and her horse, Jo. At first it took a little convincing to get Susie onboard with my suggestion that she be in the pictures too. I promised that they would have feeling in them and that she would love them. I think we hit the nail on the head. Susie and her horse Jo have a very special story, I recently asked Susie to give me a little background on her and Jo and how they came to be...

Linds: How old is Jo and what kind of horse is she?

Susie: "Jo is 29.  I have had her since she was 7, so we've been together 22 years!  She is a Quarter Horse."

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Linds: "Tell me a little about Jo?" 

Susie: "She has always been very attentive to little kids. When a small child is around, Jo will lower her head so she is looking at them on their level and stay still while they pet her. She doesn't have the same amount of patience with adults.

When we had the horse trailer we would go other places and ride, to state parks etc. she loved to go! As soon as the trailer door opened, all we had to do is stand back and she was in and ready to go! Other horses sometimes have to be coaxed and led into a trailer. Not Jo! Just open the door! "

Linds: "When did you get Jo and how did you find her?"

Susie: "When we bought her, she wasn't even for sale. The horse I had before her died. I was devastated and was looking to buy another horse. We had spent many weekends looking with no luck. Friends of ours owned Jo at the time and I had always admired her when we were at their barn. Your Dad suggested I go talk with them and tell them how much I liked her and wanted a horse just like her. And, offer a fair price! It worked and I got the horse of my dreams! I actually bought her before I had ever ridden her. "The Perfect Horse" is what I have always called her. All of our past "horse-friends" know her as that because of all the bragging I used to do. So even today, if either one of us [your Dad or me] is talking to one of our horse-friends they will ask about The Perfect Horse! I love her like a family member or a best friend. It is hard to explain the bond we have. Other "horse girls" will know what I am talking about. If I ride another horse I don't feel the connection with them that I do with Jo. It's almost like she knows what I want her to do before I ask her."

Linds: "What are your favorite memories/things that you and Jo have done together?"

Susie: "My favorite thing we used to do together was to go find a field or dirt road where we could just run. Just a girl and her horse with the wind in our hair and the sun on our face!  I really could go on and on... :)" 

Anyone reading this, including myself, that has a special bond with your horse or even your pet/s just had some heart strings pulled for sure. I was so happy with the images we got that day. Jo is getting older so this shoot was more than just an opportunity for me to snap some cool images. We captured the love that these two girls share for each other. Images that Susie will have of her 'Perfect Horse' forever. 

I love taking, editing and sharing pictures, but my favorite part is giving people images that capture real emotions, memories, special bonds, connections and love...real love. This will never get old. I'm so happy I learned to use a camera. I don't seek to be the world's greatest photographer, or to be published or get rich off of it. All I seek is to enjoy what I'm doing and get to share it with people who will enjoy it too!

I hope you enjoy this collection of our favorite shots of Susie and her Perfect Horse, Jo.


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this one made us giggle, horse kisses!

this one made us giggle, horse kisses!

This is Jo and Rio, Jo's other best friend and Dad's horse.

This is Jo and Rio, Jo's other best friend and Dad's horse.

with love, 


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