The Who, What & Why Behind Lucid Linds


I’d like to introduce myself. I know you are a busy business owner and time is money, but knowing what I do may also help you free up more time and make you more money. So sans the “sales- pitch” here’s me in a nutshell.


  • A commercial photographer with a passion for helping businesses grow and define their own brand.


  • I create images for brands and businesses to use in marketing; on social media, websites, and ads.

  • I also incorporate social media influencers and bloggers with some shoots for more brand awareness for the brands I work with. (there’s more, but we will save the extras for later).


  • It’s the most creative form of photography with a purpose. Different brands + different styles = always changing. Always changing = I’m never bored and every shoot is new and exciting for me.

  • I have learned what I love the most, helping other brands and businesses grow and make money. Your success feels like my success.

WHAT INSPIRED ME: *see story below*

In 2012 I assisted my older sister in starting a boudoir photography studio, my job was to be our set designer. The position as “set designer” turned into on-set pose coaching, lighting assistant, learning how to use a camera, how to compose an image, assisting in marketing/advertising, and so much more. I mention that business we started together 6 years ago, because as we were growing that business and learning how to market what we were selling I was always super thankful we were photographers. We didn't have to hire photographers for our images to market with, we were the photographers with the studio to shoot in. Finding “models” for our marketing images was easy, we knew lots of girls who loved having their picture taken and who loved us too. We created and curated our own images to fit our brand perfectly. I found that the part I loved the most was creating marketing plans with images that helped define our brand and explain what we were selling. My biggest thrill from that experience was the empowerment that followed when we started to sell our products and services and started making real, life-changing, money. After 5 years of working inside of that photography studio, I left to start my own business. I’ve learned what drives me the most, helping businesses grow through creative, on-brand images that can be used on websites, social media and marketing campaigns. I now combine my old love for set design with my new love for commercial photography in my own studio, but it doesn’t stop there. I’ve been so lucky to land gigs that require me to travel too. Once I got to shooting more of what I love for other businesses inside the commercial photography world I realized what my true style is…creating an image that stops people in their tracks that fits the brand I’m shooting for. Whether I’m shooting inside my studio, standing at the top of a waterfall, walking down the infamous Broadway here in Nashville or shooting in a sandstorm atop a sand dune in Death Valley National Park all I ever want to do is get “that shot”. The constant need to create leads me to believe that I have found exactly what I was meant to do...finally. I produce images that people and businesses are proud to use for their own brand’s needs. My focus is commercial photography for businesses who sell a product or service, but I also work with many social media influencers and bloggers who also work for different brands. I have created a few new out-the-box programs too, helping business owners find it easier to market and advertise on social media as it has become “the way of the world we live in now”. Did someone say, “Instagram”?

I also understand the budget aspect that many businesses may struggle with when getting started or launching a new product, service, or idea. With that in mind I’ve designed affordable ways to incorporate “models” into images that brands and businesses may need in their marketing images. Not every brand needs a size 0 professional model (though some do), many businesses just need models using their product or service to get the message across of how what you are selling works, the benefits etc. What better way is there than to use real people who also want to post those images on social media and tag your brand too? This equals more brand awareness and a win win for everyone. I’ll stop there for now, but I hope this helps you understand more about who I am and what I’ve set out to do and how what I’m doing may be something that can help you and your business.

If I have your attention awesome, I have done what I’ve set out to do for now. I will be keeping businesses and brands that are interested in what I’m doing informed through my email newsletters, you can sign up here.

I’ll also send out a link for my Early 2019 and Spring 2019 branding session waitlists soon too.

Stay tuned.

If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to reach out:

Phone/Text: #615-336-8206


Talk to you soon,


Lucid Linds Photography & Creative

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