On-Brand All Year with Wine Society & Lucid Linds Photography

One Year with Wine Society

My first year of shooting for Wine Society was a total blast, a true learning experience and to boot, one hell of a fun opportunity. I’ve been able to travel, meet some fantastic like-mined business people, and do exactly what I love, which is to create eye catching on-brand, ad-worthy images.

If someone asked me to describe Wine Society I would sum it up with, “they are a new startup company who has managed to package delicious premium wine in a take-anywhere can that is not only convenient, but these cans are also gorgeous.” And lucky for me the cans are so beautiful and convenient since I have snapped images of them in so many places. I have traveled to several major cities in the U.S. to photograph the WS cans, the wine, people enjoying it and their owners and team too. I’ve also shot these cans in locations like above a 256 foot dropping waterfall, the infamous Hollywood sign, Napa Valley, on Lake Tahoe (twice), skirted around to 10 different locations in San Francisco, 8 downtown Cincinnati spots (where the WS team is based) and held numerous WS brand shoots here in Nashville, TN where I’m based, shooting in my studio and all around my fair city too.

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Want to learn more about Wine Society and how you can get your hands on some? ————> WineSociety.Com

How this working relationship came to be…

WS reached out pretty early in 2018 to talk about branding images and how I could help. At the time I was headed in a direction towards something that has always been near and dear to me, women in business. Better known as a GirlBoss, “a confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of working for others or otherwise settling in life.”, I’ve always found myself passionate about watching a new business grow, reach new goals and become profitable, especially a business or brand headed by women. Over the past few years a new “Women’s Movement” has been on the rise again and I love the female empowerment that goes along with it. I want to watch everyone around me succeed, but I get an extra boost knowing that I am helping women chase and achieve their goals, dreams and as the saying goes…live their best life. After all that’s what I’m trying to do too, work for myself, chase my passions and live my best life through this creative field of photography. I jumped when the opportunity to work with a company ran by CEO and creator of Wine Society, Angela Allison presented itself. Angela’s ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, kindness and what she stands for is exactly the kind of person and brand I love working with.

Tap images below for some fun shots we’ve snapped this year of Angela for publicity articles, blogs and social media

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Let the shooting commence

I received my first set of the 3 flagship, staple flavors of WS wine. Tempt, the red blend (my fav, I’m a red wine girl 100% all year long), Fate, the white blend and Chance, the dry rosé.

Product Image. I live and work out of my studio, so the product photography I shoot while in my yoga pants, sipping coffee and listening to my music has quickly become one of my favorite things to do.

Product Image. I live and work out of my studio, so the product photography I shoot while in my yoga pants, sipping coffee and listening to my music has quickly become one of my favorite things to do.

In the up coming months Sunshine, my main contact at WS, relayed suggestions from their marketing and branding consultants along with the companie’s visions for creative and Instagram-able images for appealing to their target demographic, wine-loving millennials, along with on-brand shots that are current to the seasons, holidays, and any special events. These projects were so fun for me. I was able schedule shoots with many social media influencers and utilize my LLBM’s too. (LLBM = Lucid Linds Brand Models)


Oh Instagram *insert sigh*. IG is quite literally the place where many…many, many eyes are focused these days. Most of us spend hours daily staring at our phones (sometimes its an unintentional hour or more of our day, but we get sucked in. Am I right?). I’ve said it until I’m blue in the face, the way brands market their products and services is changing…and has changed significantly already. If we are watching television and a commercial comes on or even during a Netflix binge that starts to bore us, what do we do? We pick up our phone, click that little IG icon and away we go…scrolling, knowing we are being sold to. Maybe there’s a bit of denial in there, but nonetheless we are being sold to and we are totally cool with it. With the right strategy in place IG’s a highly addictive “place” to be, and it’s brilliant tool for marketing for business, seriously brilliant!! Instagram has changed the name of the advertising game. Entertainment for the consumer. And for your consumer if you’re doing it right.

Here are just some of the images that I have designed, shot and edited for Wine Society over the past year. We touched on all seasons, big holidays and focused on esthetically pleasing colors, scenes, props, and models (a.k.a our friends and social media influencers).

You can follow at Wine Society on IG here: @winesocietylife

What a rad and incredible ride this has been

I’ve had a blast working with Wine Society and their team. I’ve learned so much about my creative abilities and the planning process of incorporating Instagram into my commercial photography. I love the challenge of getting that image that you know will get engagement on a brand’s IG page and I love the challenge of brainstorming, designing and capturing these images.

My mission

My mission now is to help more brands with the images they need to market with. I specialize in working with brands, businesses, and advertising agencies looking for a photographer that knows and understands how social media works, especially an photo-based platform like Instagram, and the importance of what that content looks like. And of course the images can be used on websites, in email newsletters and other ads too. I’m currently digging my heels into Pinterest as well.

As winter is fast approaching and the gifting season will be upon us before we know it (ummm…do I hear Christmas music already? It’s November 7th), I’ll be cozied up in my studio, snapping away at whatever comes my way and planning for all the spring and summer shoots with new brands and my old favs too.

Thanks for joining me on my wordy and picture-full (I like to make up words) journey through working with Wine Society in 2018.

Give me a shout if you are interested in discussing a shoot or a set of themed shoots for your brand. I’ve found a new and exciting way to make sessions budget friendly too. Ask me how!


Talk to you soon!

Peace, Love and Photography,