Congratulations on creating such an awesome product or service. I know how hard you have worked to get to this point…I’m right there with ya, I’m talking blood, sweat, and tears kind of work, I can 100% relate. You’ve been making a few sales here and there to keep you afloat, but not the kind of sales you want. You are soooo ready to be selling more by now, you are ready to quit your 9-5, or rent a bigger space, or just prove to everyone you know what you are doing..but maybe it’s not happening yet or perhaps you have plateaued a bit from when you first started. You want to be free of the constant stress, anxiety and worry of how you will pay your bills next month! Or maybe it’s not that bad and you are really just ready to take 7-day, guilt-free trip to Mexico, but you need your new inventory sales to sky-rocketing first. In order to save your sanity or sink your toes into some warm sand you need more people to know your brand exists now more than ever. You need new customers to know how awesome your brand is so you can start increasing your sales. Traffic to your social media pages and your website, as well as attention-grabbing ads that convert to more sales are what will do the trick and solve all your money problems we know that part, but the hard truth is maybe your efforts so far might need a little help in making it all happen for you and your brand. If your brand, your business, and your livelihood…or that vacation you already booked are on the line keep reading. Below are 3 things that you should consider every time you post picture on your Instagram to promote something you sell.

Your Brand Photos Matter.

Product Lifestyle shot for  WineSociety.com.   “Adult Slumber Party”  You will find my product lifestyle photography everywhere Wine Society markets their brand.

Product Lifestyle shot for WineSociety.com.

“Adult Slumber Party”

You will find my product lifestyle photography everywhere Wine Society markets their brand.

Yep, I am the photographer behind my business, so imagery is obviously going to be what I am an expert on and what I can help you with the most, but the business I have built came from the understanding of how important images are for marketing any business. And yes, I sell pictures, so of course good photography is important for my business to succeed, but even if you sell socks you need a good picture of those socks. You are not going to sell more socks using the same lame picture over and over again. That picture of your fab socks just chillin’ on a white backdrop isn’t going to do your brand or your sales any justice anywhere besides your website. Is it good to have a plain white backdrop displaying your sock inventory on your website? YES. Is that boring image good for your Instagram posts, stories or ads? NO, and here’s why…

Product lifestyle photography exists because people need to be able to imagine themselves wearing, using and enjoying your product. Your product photography should say without words how what you sell will serve your customer. How your product or service will bring them happiness, comfort, or even solve a problem for them. Even if it’s just cold feet…let’s dig in more.



If you want to sell your trendy hand-woven wool blankets to 20-thing females who are decorating their first apartment, don’t only use images of your best friend’s baby napping on one of your fab designs all over your biz Instagram page, no matter how cute that baby is, this isn’t who you are trying to sell to. If you want to sell to just moms then you are doing it right, but if mothers aren’t your target customer what on earth are you doing? Want to sell to both, then just mix up your product lifestyle images with both 20-something females with your blankets and moms and babies cuddled up too.

TIP: Ask yourself who you are selling to, and make sure a person who represents your ideal customer is in your product lifestyle images.



If you have the eye for a good photo then use it, even if its on your phone. However, also consider this…if all of your IG pictures are of your one and only sales associate wearing your new store arrivals in the same place over and over again you might not be showing all there is to show about your products and how they fit into your customers lives. Also snapping smartphone images in a poorly lit, kinda lackluster alley outside of your shop isn’t helping you either. Do these images work for your already established, die-hard fans of your brand? YES, because they already know how awesome your brand is, but they can’t buy everything you sell. What do the wrong images portray to new potential customers who just happened to stumble onto your image via your good use of hashtags? NOT what you want them to portray, a poorly lit shot or the use of the wrong background portrays poor quality in your brand, you may have just lost a prime opportunity for a new customer and a sale all because of an image. And I hate to say it, but you may want to also limit your mirror selfies. “You cute girl”, we know, but your mirror selfies are only keeping you treading water with your already established fans, they love you, and everything does look good on you, but your next sale could come from a different person modeling what you are selling.

TIP: Change it up and have some fun while you’re at it. Buy a couple bottles of wine and invite some friends over and snap some new pics of you and your friends sporting those new adorable jumpsuits or earrings...or socks…or blankets…or whatever you sell, you get my point.


3. YOUR IMAGES SAY MORE THAN YOU MAY THINK…I have suffered from “DIY-syndrome” in many aspects of my business myself just to try to save a buck getting this off the ground. Our products or services are top of the line and worthy of our prices, we know this, but can the fast-scrolling, short attention-spanned Instagramers of the world tell our worthiness? You can stop discounting the products you are struggling to sell if you invest a little more time or money into your product lifestyle images. You don’t have to be the brand that runs a special or a sale every single month just to avoid sitting on old inventory or worse trying to scape up enough money just to pay your rent. Constant specials and sales will end up creating more work and more stress, and worse you also become known as the brand that will eventually run a sale on “it”, so your customers will just wait for it. Making sure your images are the right images on the front end of your marketing and advertising efforts will not only save you from always needing to discount the things you sell, but it also establishes your brand as the “They Sell Out Fast” brand because you will inevitably be selling more products. Your new and old brand fans will realize that if they want it they need to BUY IT NOW or they might miss out!

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: You can be the brand who’s killing it and everyone is buzzing about. This is totally doable I promise, brands are doing this everyday and using Instagram as their primary place to sell from, you just have to step up your game a bit. You got this!

Talk to you soon,



The Right Photography will:

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Every service with our influencers comes with built in brand awareness for your brand because our influencers are the models for the shoots. We offer one-off influencer POP-IN’s perfect for boutiques, bars, restaurants and events and small and large production product lifestyle shoots. No matter how you choose to partner with us you get you the images you need for your website, social media and advertising plus influencer marketing because our influencers are the models for your product lifestyle shoots.


If you are on the struggle bus and you need some help myself and my team of local influencers are here help you. We have also partnered with a few other local creatives, including wardrobe stylists, and hair and makeup artists who are also available to help with creative direction, production and execution of one or multiple badass photoshoots to help you grow your brand even faster.

We have a fast growing team of local Nashville influencers who will market for your brand.

We have a fast growing team of local Nashville influencers who will market for your brand.

Don’t let my overalls fool you, I know what I’m talking about. Let’s chat ;)