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Revisiting My Bedroom Makeover Blog: Sleep and Set Design

As embarrassed as I am to share our really messy before shots of the bedroom, (I had one curtain torn down before I remembered, "I need a before shot!") clearly getting the full effect of this is truly lived in, not-so- HGTV bedroom, yes my piled up dirty laundry and unmade bed can be seen in these pictures as well.  Judge away, we are humans and instead of cleaning on this day, I gutted the whole bedroom.  Sometimes it takes something to be in total disarray before I make up my mind to do a full overhaul of a space and then in that moment my whole house will be destroyed, I become fully consumed by this new project and anyone is lucky to even get me on the phone let alone out of the house until it is complete.

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6-ish Tips On How I Built My First Pallet Wall Backdrop

“Not knowing how it would turn out I thought my best bet was to use something I could get for cheap, or free *cough cough*, and something I could recycle...even better. I hopped on Pinterest, looked at a few similar projects and decided to just go for it. I had two days off, it was 6am, I knew where I could grab some pallets outside of some warehouses in the nearby industrial parks, I have a truck and all the tools I needed, so off I went.”

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