FAQ for Brands and Businesses:

Where is Lucid Linds Photography & Creative located?

Nashville, TN and I travel.

Why do brands and businesses hire Lucid Linds?

Lucid Linds Photography and Creative provides high quality and creative eye-catching photography and commercial images for growing and established brands and businesses who want to be seen, get noticed and stand out. 

How long has Lucid Linds been a photographer?

I have worked in the photography industry since 2012. I started my own business in 2017.

Does Lucid Linds Studio have a studio?

Yes, I shoot out of my 1600 sqft warehouse loft in the heart of downtown Nashville.

Does Lucid Linds use Studio Lighting or Natural Light?

I use both, depending on the style, campaign, and location.

Is this Commercial Photography?

Yes, if you make money off of images that a any photographer provides you, that is considered commercial photography.

Can Lucid Linds work with Brand and Businesses not located in Nashville, TN?

Yes, you can ship your products. Custom Flat Lay and Product Lifestyle photography is provided per your brand's needs. Lucid Linds Brand Models can be booked, stress-free, for your shoot. Or I can come to you.

Can I view your product lifestyle photography featuring Lucid Linds Brand Models?

Yes, Click here.

What is a Product Flat Lay?

Product Flat Lays are those images you see everywhere on Pinterest and Social Media. Wanna see my creative flat lays? Click here.

What's up with the copyright?

I prefer to share copyright from my brand shoots. This provides me with the option to use images from your brand's shoot for my own portfolios and allows me to share the images with models to use on their social media, blogs and websites when applicable. I sell you usage rights to commercial images. 

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