Bri Fletcher Halverson

Music. Fashion. Travel.


Instagram: @brifletcher



Hello. My Name is Brianna Fletcher, but most people call me Bri. I’m a singer-songwriter who also has a passion for travel and fashion. Six years ago I started an anti-bullying non profit ( that does lives concerts in middle schools all around the U.S. and has helped me grow and continue to grow my online platform. I spent y teenage and young adult years working as a makeup artist and in retail and that is where my love for fashion really started. Two years ago I got married and had the opportunity to start traveling. Let’s just say I got bit by the travel bug and I haven’t wanted to stop since!


Instagram | 7.9k

Average reach | 2,450

Average impressions | 15,900

Weekly visits | 807

Top audience age range | 18-34 YRS

Gender reach | 65% women, 35% men

Top city reach | Forth Worth, Dallas, Arlington