Hey! I’m glad you are here! Thanks for your interest in participating in a Lucid Linds Brand Model Event!

If you are here to sign up for the next S.M.I.D.O (Social Media Influencer’s Day Out) event fill out the form below.

**Please Note**

  • Seats are limited for most events and will be booked on a first come, first serve basis

  • You will receive professional images from the event

  • Some events will also have a videographer for BTS filming too

  • This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow LLBM tribe, get introduced to new brands and businesses, and look super pro-influencer on your socials and online

  • The business hosting the SMIDO event will receive Lucid Linds Professional Images from the event to market with also on their social media, websites, and marketing ads

  • Businesses and brands hosting the event will offer a free service or a discount to participants

  • There will be varying rules and obligations for different events; like tagging said business on your social media posts and stories during and after the event

  • If you are confirmed for a reserved seat and cancel within 3 days of the SMIDO event you will be removed from the LLBM program immediately so please make sure you are 100% available

  • If you are late or don’t show up for an event you will be removed from the LLBM program immediately so please make sure you are 100% available and want to participate

  • When all seats are booked there will be alternate seats and you will be placed on a hold list to be notified if a seat becomes available, again first, come first serve for this also

  • You may NOT bring your professional camera, unless approved by Lucid Linds prior to the event

  • You can have your phone out the whole time snapping pics and videos for your socials

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Phone *
Are You an Official LLBM (Lucid Linds Brand Model) yet? *
YOU UNDERSTAND you will be required to post on your social media during the event? *
You will also be required to tag the business hosting the event when you receive and post images from Lucid Linds after the event. This is a trade situation. We post about the business or brand and in return this business or brand provides us with a service, free gift and/or discount.
YOU UNDERSTAND that by participating and signing Lucid Linds Photography's Model Release that you are giving consent for your images to be used online by all parties attending/hosting? *
You will not get to choose what images of you from the event are used to market with by the business or by Lucid Linds. You do get to pick which images you use on your own social media and blogs.
You may not be a candidate for this based on lack of an instagram, if your instagram is set to private, or you have under a certain amount of followers or your engagement on Instagram is really low.