Greta Hollar

Style. Nashville. Travel.


Instagram: @greta_hollar



Greta Hollar is a style and travel blogger who loves dogs, seeing the world and her hometown of Nashville, TN. She is also extremely passionate about helping fellow tall girls find stylish and affordable clothing.

A Nashville native, Greta went to Belmont University and graduated with a BA in Journalism. After graduating, Greta worked in state government doing social media for the state’s insurance program. As much as Greta loved her work and helping Tennesseeans with their benefits, she left in 2016 to finish her MA in Corporate Communications at Austin Peay State University and to take her blog full-time.

In her spare time, Greta loves walking her two rescued black labs, and mural hunting with her husband. She takes barre and yoga three times each week and  loves creating. You can find her painting, cooking or taking photos of friends and family.

You’ll usually find Greta hanging with her husband and her dogs Fitzy and Gatsby watching Friends re-runs and eating cereal. They also go out for tacos a lot.



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