Haley farley

Website: senegence.com/mylipsandlace

Instagram: @lips.and.lace

Contact: linds@lucidlinds.com


Hey y’all! My name is Haley Farley and I’m a modern day wonder woman. (insert muscle emoji here ;)) My most defining characteristic is the fact that i’m a mom running a makeup and skincare business, while working a full time job, and keeping up a household. Oh, did I mention that I’m also wildly competitive and have recently taken up health and fitness? I’m a full believer in pushing yourself to do things outside of the box and challenging those around you to do the same. If that challenge just so happens to be eating an entire deep dish pizza in one sitting? Count. Me. In. (Fitness journey not withstanding).


Instagram | 1.2k

Average reach | 1.3k

Average impressions | 1.9k

Weekly visits | 100

Top audience age range | 18-34 YRS

Gender reach | 70% women, 30% men

Top city reach | Nashville, Knoxville, Cookeville