the most innovative and cost effective way to advertise your business…ever.

We create eye-catching photography curated specifically for your brand and add the perfect social media influencers to your images to add 10x the value to your advertising dollar. The right influencers and on-brand photography are the most powerful tools in the history of advertising for reaching new, targeted customers, educating your audience and increasing your sales fast.

You can now stop wasting time taking lack-luster pictures with your phone, just to post and reach the same audience over and over again. Finally, you can grab the attention of more people through collaborations with the right influencers for your brand from our LLIMBs team, all while having a pro photo shoot so you can get the images you need for your website, ads, and social media pages to market with. Does that sound like a win, win? Yeah, we think so too. With a current team that can reach over 150,000 local and global people on Instagram alone, what are you waiting for?

Build Your a Brand & Grow Your Business.

Lucid Linds Photography provides the simplest way to get all the advertising images you need for your brand’s social media, website, and new product launches so you can get back to serving your clients and putting more money in your pocket.

What can we do for you?

By far the coolest thing we do are the professional photo shoot campaigns with our influencer team. No other professional photography company is doing this right now. Collaborations will be limited so you can jump on our first come, first serve waitlist here.


Did you know?

Influencers help educate your audience and provide the third party validation that is proven to work.

You just sit back and watch your sales sky rocket, we’ve got this part at the very least.


“As a small business, working with a photographer that can provide influencers to help my brand awareness plus multiple types of images for our website, ads and our social media pages is a must! I highly recommend brands, big or small, work with Linds for any marketing photography needs! This just makes sense”


Ashley Pinchev,


“92% of people trust a stranger’s recommendation over those coming directly from a brand.”



“75% of Instagram users take action from an Instagram post featuring a product…like visiting your website.” -


“Using the right influencer can boost awareness on a massive scale in a very short time.”


*All images by Lucid Linds Photography*


Boss to Boss

“Lindsey always goes the extra mile. She doesn't hesitate to lay on the dirty ground or shoot in oncoming traffic if it will lead to the best shot. She is creative and talented and it shows in her work. She always works within the brand guidelines, exceeds the shot list, and her turn around time is quick! “ - Sunshine,


Let’s do this

Imagine everyone knowing who you are, what you do, and what you sell.

Are you ready for an easier and more effective way to showcase your brand and ultimately make more money?


Powerful Product photos

Do you struggle with your product photography? Lucid Linds has you covered.

Eye-catching images for your website, social media, Pinterest, product campaigns.

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