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LLIMBs Pop-Ins

Exclusive to Lucid Linds Photography, you can now boost your brand awareness and create a buzz around your business online with our local LLIMBs team.

Find your new customers in a place they are actually paying attention…Instagram!!!

  1. Completely customize your POP-IN by choosing the influencers who attend and scheduling your ideal time or jump on the “Surprise Us! Waitlist” for a LLIMB’s POP-IN.

  2. Imagine mini-shoots with your products or services, while influencers educate and share what you sell with their audience in real time, all while Linds is shooting professional product and service shots. 

  3. Professional images from the POP-IN will be in your inbox within just a few days of the event so you can use them on your social media and anywhere else you advertise.

  4. You also have the option to offer a discount or free product or service to our LLIMBs and their online audiences for even more engagement and to gain new followers if you choose.

  5. LLIMBs are also provided with the professional images after the event to further your collaboration campaign too.

LLIMB = Lucid Linds Influencers that Market for your Brand

“We Extend Your Reach”

Give your customer something to get excited about


Now Available!

 Lucid Linds Photography Collaborative Contest Giveaways. 

Contests and Giveaways are hugely popular on social media.

Giveaways are one of the best ways to drive traffic and grow your audience on social media.

We have studied the best way to offer a contest giveaway online & now we are bringing this to you!

Brands can collaborate with Lucid Linds Photography for a photo shoot contest giveaway.



"Win a *insert your product or service or gift card* & a complimentary Photo Shoot and Images from *insert YOUR BRAND* & Lucid Linds Photography".



  • a 1 hour session plus 5 images to your winner

  • how-to-guide giveaway marketing package (digital info graphics that match your brand for advertising your contest)

  • we help you advertise the contest through promotion via Lucid Linds & our LLIMBS team

  • a step-by-step PDF guide for a successful giveaway