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Media Blitz

Exclusively for Nashville Brands!


  1. A Media Blitz will boost your brand awareness and drive traffic to your Instagram page. 

  2. Images from the Media Blitz will be in your inbox within just a few days.

  3. Create a buzz around your business with our influencer team mini-shoots.

  4. We customize your Media Blitz by choosing the right influencers and schedule it around a time that works best for your store.

Local Influencers that Market for your Brand

“We Extend Your Reach”

Give your customers something to get excited about YOUR BRAND!


Now Available!

 Lucid Linds Photography Collaborative Contest Giveaways. 

Contests and Giveaways are hugely popular on social media.

Giveaways are one of the best ways to drive traffic and grow your audience on social media.

We have studied the best way to offer a contest giveaway online & now we are bringing this to you!

Brands can collaborate with Lucid Linds Photography for a photo shoot contest giveaway.



"Win a *insert your product or service or gift card* & a complimentary Photo Shoot and Images from *insert YOUR BRAND* & Lucid Linds Photography".

Giveaway Photoshoot Includes:

  • a 1 hour session plus images to your winner

  • additional advertising for your contest via Lucid Linds

  • a step-by-step PDF guide for a successful giveaway