Jacqui Sandell

Fitness. Entrepreneur. Coach. Blogger.

Website: www.jacquibeefit.net

Instagram: @jacquibeefit

Contact: linds@lucidlinds.com


Hey there! My name is Jacqui Sandell but most know me as JacquiBee Fit! I’m a online fitness coach and iron pumping bodybuilder who’s passion is to help young woman live their longest and best life.  3 years ago I packed up my life and moved to Nashville with no money and only my passions in my pocket, quickly deciding I was going to make a name for myself within the Nashville fitness community I put all of my time into creating a community where women can learn how to fall back in love with food, themselves and build the body they’ve always dreamed of! I’m also chasing that IFBB Pro card...this girl has to leave one gift for herself!


Instagram | 6.9K

Average reach | 3,461

Average impressions | 65,486

Weekly visits | 1,400

Main audience age range | 18-35 YRS

Gender reach | 51% women, 49% men

Top city reach | Nashville, New York, Los Angeles