Kayla Nettles

Music. Travel. Model.

Website: N/A

Instagram: @iamkaylanettles

Contact: linds@lucidlinds.com


Kayla Nettles is a multi-talented artist. With nine years of performance experience, Kayla has built a dynamic and energetic presence when she takes the stage. Along with her passion and drive, she is determined to take her career to the next level. She says, “I’ve always known how much persistence and dedication it takes to be an artist.” Nettles stays busy songwriting and on the road opening for popular country acts like Luke Bryan and performing at festivals such as Country Thunder. When not on the road, she uses the skills she developed as an audio engineer to record and mix her own music and loves to stay active on social media by modeling and filming vogs for her youtube channel.


Instagram | 30.7k

Average reach | 15,200

Average impressions | 20,876

Weekly visits | 6,245

Top audience age range | 18-34 YRS

Gender reach | 39% women, 61% men

Top city reach | Nashville, New York, Los Angeles