Photography Covered All Year Long

Stop worrying about keeping up with fresh and new content for your website and social media business pages. This is everything you need my dear. 

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You're A Boss. You're A Business Owner. You Are BUSY!

Unless you are a photographer yourself, you don't have time to constantly be creating images for your social media feeds, marketing ad campaigns, newsletters, and website. I got you, stop stressing.

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If You Use Instagram and/or Facebook For Your Business Everyday, You Need This Program.

Content is key, good content is even more KEY! But you know that! You just keep me in products you need photographed and I keep you in fresh marketable images. I'll turn in images to you consistently all year long. Don't spend another two hours trying to shoot your sales associate on the street or perfecting the perfect flat lay in poor lighting. You have better things to do. Like that email newsletter you can now get to because you have images for it. 

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Seasonal. Get 4 Big Seasonal Shoots a year.

With Models. With Your Products. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. On location, in the studio or both. Have the right images for your current selling season.

These Shoots will be customized for your brand.

Flat lays and product lifestyle photography.



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All Year Long I work with Social Media Influencers.

My social media influencers models are the best. These girls are eager and willing to shoot with me and the brands I work with consistently. Not only does this give you more variety in the images I provide you, but it also creates a consistent buzz around your business online. These girls are given the images I edit with your brand present and they post about your brand. Tagging your brand in their feeds and in their stories on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat before, during and after the shoots. R.O.I. anyone? P.S. Everyone signs a legit model release, so our butts are covered and they understand they can't post images and tag competing brands. Imagine reaching new potential clients every time a girl posts and someone new sees your brand.


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Holidays Covered with Mini-Shoots.

Pick your top 5 Holidays that are important to your brand. Lifestyle and Flat Lays available. I can create just the image your brand needs for these one-off holidays and for the major gifting season. Major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are super important to have your marketing images far in advance. Sign up with this program and take the stress out of worrying who, when, and how you are going to get them on time. Worry and stress less. This program is for you. 


Plus More Perks:

  • Join my private facebook group and learn the tips and tricks about current social media marketing without having to dig for the information

  • Host a FREE Social Media Influencer's Day Out ($350 Value). I organize the whole thing and we create more buzz around your business

  • You will be a featured brand on my blog

  • I promote your business too when I post images with your product present

  • You will be the first to know about any events or workshops held for social media influencers that brands can sponsor

  • You will be included in anything extra, always

  • Easy, monthly payment plans you can afford

  • Only 10 brands a year will be accepted into this program

  • I'm here to help your business grow, I'll support you all year long

  • Shared Copyright to images is included. No time limits. Use them for however long you wish and how you wish. I also still own the right to the images fo my use too. 

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