LP Poglitsch

Menswear. Queer. Style.

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Instagram: @queerlydapper

Contact: linds@lucidlinds.com


Hey y’all! My name is LP Poglitsch. I am a non-binary queer with a boundless passion for menswear. If I could live everyday in a custom suit, I would! I aim to live proudly and authentically as a way to invite others, particularly LGBTQIA+ folks, to share their unique, beautiful selves with the world. By sharing my style, and some of my own life and journey, I hope to inspire and empower folks to find their own personal style.


Instagram | 5.4k  

Average reach | 11,172

Average impressions | 34,469

Weekly visits | 1680

Main audience age range | 18-44 YRS

Gender reach | 76% women, 24% men

Top city reach | Nashville, New York, Chicago