Lucid Linds Brand Model FAQ

What is a Lucid Linds Brand Model?

Lucid Linds Brand Models are models for Lucid Linds Photography & Creative photo shoots. LLBM's are also given the images from the shoots to use on their own social media platforms.

What Does LLBM stand for?

LLBM = Lucid Linds Brand Model

Does it Cost Money to be a LLBM?

There is an initial $75 head shot mini session required to be featured on the Lucid Linds Brand Model Website. You do receive images from the session, so you can think of it as a really cheap mini session. 

**This fee is waived if you have over 12,000 followers on Instagram and your own website**

Am I a good candidate for being a LLBM?

LLBM's are Models, Social Media Influencers and Bloggers.

**Aspiring models, aspiring social media influencers and bloggers may also apply.**

Is there an application to be an LLBM?

Yes, you must complete a LLBM Application and sign a Lucid Linds Model Release to be considered.

Are LLBM's Paid?

LLBM's are not paid by Lucid Linds Photography at this time. LLBM's are TFP (trade for photography).

 **LLBM's may acquire a paid influencers campaign via a brand that Lucid Linds works with**

Are my travel or styling expenses covered by Lucid Linds Photography?

No, you will not be reimbursed for travel expenses and you will be required to style your own hair, makeup and clothing unless it is provided.

Do LLBM's get to choose what shoots to participate in?

LLBM's will be chosen based on styles, looks, availability etc. You can always decline an invitation to be on a shoot. 

Is there a minimum number of LLBM shoots required per year to participate in this program?

NO, there is no minimum number of shoots that are required to be a part of this program. This is a new program I am creating. I can't say for sure that won't change in the future, but for now there is no requirement to participate in a specific amount of shoots. Many, if not all of my brand models have regular jobs and fluctuating availability. 

**there is a minimum number of LLBM shoots required to receive discounts on personal photography sessions with Lucid Linds**

Are LLBM's required to post and tag brands from the Lucid Linds Brand Shoots?

For TFP shoots there is no requirement to post about a brand, you can just model. I would only require that you tag me as the photographer if you use an image. LLBM's always get free images from TFP shoots you participate in.

What is a LLBM Website Profile?

**See LLBM Page** 

Your LLBM profile will feature links to your social media profiles and your websites (unless you request otherwise), this will help more people/brands find you. This also provide brands that I work with the opportunity to check out all the LLBMs. I plan to also blog about and feature my brand models from time to time too. I plan to take very good care of my LLBMs. LLBM are my creative tribe.

Will Lucid Linds Photography and Creative Sell My Images?

The technical answer is Yes, you are required to sign a contract that gives Lucid Linds Photography the right to sell your images to the brand we are shooting for. The brand will use the images in marketing campaigns, ads, social media etc. The brands are not required to tag you, but many do.

**AT THIS TIME** 9-6-18

Brand models can choose to place a model "rate" on their LLBM profile. This would be paid by the brand who we are shooting for. I would not be involved in the processing or receiving of that model payment. Just keep in mind, most models are TFP, so you may lose the opportunity to model for and be introduced to new brands if you decide to charge to be a model. That's a ton of paperwork and tax forms for me to have to handle, so I'm not trying to make money from an LLBM getting booked on a shoot. I just want to be able to provide brands the option of models and influencers in their area, while also providing LLBM's with great images too. This is a service I will provide for both my LLBMs and the brands that I do not charge for. 

Can a LLBM sell her images from brand shoots?

NO, No Way, Never, Absolutely Not. And if you do you will be in breach of contract and risk a lawsuit.

**You can purchase a commercial shoot from Lucid Linds Photography and Creative to acquire images that you can sell.**

Can LLBMs alter, crop or edit my images that I receive from Lucid Linds Photography & Creative?

In short, NO. I own the copyright to your images. However, I do make exceptions for influencers who have a specific esthetic of their social media profiles and blogs. Just don't destroy my work and it's ok.

What's in a Model Release for an LLBM?

There are different brand model releases for different brands, but there isn't much of a difference from the basic Lucid Linds Photography model release. The contracts typically say that LLBMs can't use any images provided to them to promote a competing brand and that you can't sell the images, as we, Lucid Linds and "brand" own the copyright. All model release contracts are binding forever, just meaning that I, Lucid Linds Photography, and the brand, have the rights to use the images you are in forever. This could also potentially change and new contracts could come out to be signed, they may state that the brand may only be able to use the images for a specific amount of time. I do not have that contract together yet,  and I don't know when that would happen either. With images you are in, you receive permission from me to use the images however you wish ie: blogs, websites, your own marketing materials and your social media. You receive those images as a perk for participating in the photo shoots.

What's required to participate in a Social Media Influencer's Day Out?

Any LLBM’s participating in a Social Media Influencer's Day Out are required to post on Instagram during the event and at least one time after with an image I provide you. However, LLBM's can post as much as they wish during the event or after it. This would be semi-different for each brand or business we would visit. So for example: if we were to attend a fitness studio, and the girls who sign up and attend you would be asked to post an instagram story or feed post about it and also tag the business. The plan for these would be to provide that brand or business more online brand awareness and love, while you guys get a kick back, like a free class or a discount on or free service or product plus pro images from Lucid Linds . LLBMs who participate may even have a promo code to give your followers from that brand or business. Lucid Linds or an associate photographer would be present and shooting behind the scenes and/or have mini shoots with the attending LLBMs too. The brand or business, plus the LLBMs in the shots would get the images to use also. 

Can I be removed from the LLBM at anytime?

You reserve the right to request to be removed from the LLBM program at anytime. However, you can not revoke your images. You sign contracts releasing the right for your images to be used without limit.

Lucid Linds Photography & Creative also reserves the right to remove an LLBM at any point for any reason and without notice.

 Immediate removal of the program may be subject to:

  • Not showing up for a booked shoot

  • Canceling within 10 days of a booked brand shoot

  • A poor representation of my brand online or in person (watch what you put on social media)

  • Showing up intoxicated

  • Not answering emails

  • Your Lack of Availability

  • Being Difficult to Work With

More On What a Lucid Linds Brand Model is?

Lucid Linds Brand Models participate in photo shoots with Lucid Linds for TFP (trade for photography) FREE

Select Lucid Linds Brand Models are available for social media influencer brand campaigns (see "stats" under model images below for their styles, niche audiences, # of followers and blog websites)

Models are not required to post about or tag your brand when they model for FREE (small influencers are happy to share for audience growth, better content images and portfolio building)

All Models sign a Model Release Contract giving each brand permission to use the images that they are present in.