Madolyn Garrett

Entrepreneur. Dancer. Choreographer. Model.

Website: N/A coming soon.

Instagram: @maddykayg



“What’s up everyone?! I’m Madolyn, but most know me as “MaddyKay”. I am an entrepreneur and professional dancer/choreographer/model. I’m based out of Nashville, but love to travel. I love being in front of the camera (I blame my mom..), whether it be photoshoots or music videos. I equally love utilizing and exploring my creative mind and my business mind. I am extremely inspired by artists of all ages with a genuine passion for what they do. My goal is to live a life I love every second of and encourage everyone around me to do the same! I started to surround myself with only people who inspire, encourage and empower me… That’s when I began a truly HAPPY and FULFILLING journey. I use social media to share my life, promote things I believe in, encourage others and connect with like-minded people. I try to push others to take the necessary steps towards living a life THEY truly love! Whether it be starting a new business venture, finding confidence in who you are, or focusing on healthy living…I got you!”




Instagram | 4.2k  

Average reach | 2,200

Average impressions | 14,039

Weekly visits | 650

Main audience age range | 18-44 YRS

Gender reach | 53% women, 47% men

Top city reach | Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro