Megan Golden

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Instagram: @MeganAGolden



Hey! My name is Megan Golden. I’m a 23 year old Nashville native, which from what I’ve heard makes me a unicorn ;) You can always count on my hair being the most colorful part of my outfit, as I literally only own black clothing. I sing and write music which has allowed me to spend most summers traveling across the country playing my original music to all different types of audiences. When I’m not writing, singing, or traveling I can be found making fun videos with my friends, like my latest series of  3 videos, “The Evolution of … Car Jams” which together have received over 4 million views on facebook alone. My social media continues to grow as I continue to try to create content that makes people smile, feel entertained, and feel empowered to love and be themselves.


Instagram | 15.9k  

Average reach | 5,449

Average impressions | 37,422

Weekly visits | 2617

Main audience age range | 18-44 YRS

Gender reach | 35% women, 65% men

Top city reach | Nashville, New York, Delhi