LUCID LINDS Photography

The Vaunt Project

The Vaunt Project is a side art project for making confident women feel beautiful, sexy, empowered and a total body-embracing badass.

The Vaunt Project was designed to create art with you in it. 

A little boudoir-esque with an artistic spin that combines your style with mine. I shoot out of my 1600 sqft downtown warehouse loft. I have multiple sets that are always changing. I love designing new sets to keep things fresh and unique and custom. From soft and sweet to vintage, bold and eclectic. Every TVP session is different. You bring all the wardrobe you want and we go through it together to decide what will shoot best on what set. I coach my girls from head to toe, I show you how to pose, make you comfortable, we turn the music up and you get to be a model for the day. 

"Hi Lindsey! I wanted to reach out to let you know that since the shoot Wednesday, I’ve felt surge of confidence that I’m not sure I’ve ever felt! Thanks SO much for your encouragement, you really brought out my inner Badass :)" -Miss K

Want to be a part of the art?

If you are interested in more info on being a model for The Vaunt Project click over to my contact page, fill out the short form and I'll be in touch. I run model calls consistently for this project. 






1. to boast about or praise (something), especially excessively.

synonyms:boast about, brag about, make much of, crow about, parade, flaunt; 

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